The Tao Of Norm

Good Evening,

Throughout my various careers, I would say my greatest continued success/strength was in creating communities. When I worked retail I was able to make the department I was in work together and socialize together and still get the job done, when I worked in politics I was able to bring volunteers and staff together to work in support of our candidates (phone calls, door knocks etc…), when I worked IT I was never able to do this and always felt isolated; I think that’s part of why I disliked it. And of course now in internet marketing, I have had a lot of success building communities around Superstar SEO, Legiit, and to some extent my “personal brand” (whatever that means). I’ve been spending some time thinking about why that is, and I may release a full training on the topic some day, but I think one of the key reasons is personal relationships with individual people.

There was a TV show in the 80s and 90s called Cheers. Essentially it was set in a bar called Cheers and it was just staff and regulars sitting around talking and stuff. The theme song lyrics were mostly “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name”. For example one of the main characters names was Norm… and whenever he would walk in the whole bar would erupt with “NORM!” This concept is really one of the keys to building a community; getting to know individuals and their stories, and respecting and caring about what is going on with them.

(You have to be genuine about it too, if you aren’t it will be transparent and won’t help).

Take the time to get to know people, create a culture that is welcoming and make them want to show up at your version of Cheers, make them feel welcome, and that everybody know their name. Make them feel like NORM! and everything else (Profiit, etc…) will follow without you having to do much else.


The Tao Of Norm