Mind Games

Good Evening,

Some days are better than others. We all know that on some level.

The entire theme song to Friends was about it…

…ok boomer.

This is just one of those facts of life that are unavoidable. Its how we react to those bad days that separates the people that Profiit from the people that don’t .

Today I had a relatively bad day.

  • I had some difficult customers
  • I had some technical site issues
  • I had a lot of distractions
  • And I wasn’t getting the kind of communication I need from clients, staff, or people in my personal life

By the end of the day I was pretty much done. I was tempted to just grab some McDonalds on the way home and go home and watch Netflix until I fell asleep. I was having mental conversations with myself and trying to play personal mind games “you had a crummy day you deserve it” stuff like that…

…but I didn’t. I stuck to my routine and kept going. Its important to realize that when you get temptation like that , that it isn’t really you. You don’t REALLY want to do things you intellectually know you are bad for you, it is just your brain’s way of over correcting.

What I did instead was:

  • Made a list of why it was a bad day, much as I did up there (those of you that have been reading for a while know that I love a bulleted list) looked at it and realized that, while the aggravation was justified, nothing all that bad really happened. Certainly nothing worth derailing the progress I have been making.
  • Thought about my end game again, and how every time I do something that isn’t a step towards it, I am losing an opportunity to make it happen. Do I really want to look back and say I missed it because I wanted to play more Final Fantasy and eat an Oreo McFlurry? Do your goals mean less to you than complex carbohydrates?
  • Worked until it was too late to screw up and still get done the things I have to get done… thus making it harder for myself.
  • And realizing that even though I had a bad day that, much to the amusement of my other, this too shall pass.

One of my favorite motivational sayings is “One Bad Day” I will write a full dispatch on it soon, but basically the concept is that you are always one bad day away from losing everything, so your goal is to make how bad that day must be worse and worse so it takes that much more. That’s what I think about on days like this, and I making my One Bad Day easier or harder?

So when you have a bad day, get through it, adapt, and don’t let it sideline your progress, then just come back strong the next day.