A Return To Discipline Part 1

Good Evening!

I thought you might be interested if I updated you on progress from time to time (if not let me know and I will stop). Since today makes a week I figured this would be a good time for the first update, where I am succeeding, where I still need work, and the effects it has.

So here are goals and their progress so far

  • Get up at the same time every day – 6 for 7. I slept in on Sunday but I may make that part of the routine
  • Going to sleep at the same time every night – Usually within an hour window which I can live with
  • Eating at the same time every day and within the same 8 hour window – Crushed this one 7 for 7
  • Eating healthy and counting macros – 7 for 7
  • No news, more learning – Mostly did this one. Read the news a couple of times for updates on things opening here.
  • Exercise – 0 for 7 this is the biggest failure but gyms are opening up next week so hopefully I can get back to it.
  • Organizing my work day – This is better but is still a work in progress
  • Work a predetermined schedule – Did well with this.
  • Meditation – Not daily on this yet. Needs work.
  • Other healthcare particularly skin care – Loving this one. Skin care has so many advantages.


I feel mentally more alert than I have in a long time. I credit this to the improved diet as well as feeding my brain with learning instead of “news”. I feel really dialed in and well rested. The effect on business has been noticeable too. Checking way more things off of my to do list and putting out higher quality content and more important work. I feel it has been attracting more opportunities as well (though that’s a bit woo woo).

Needs Work:

Exercise. Gyms being closed was part of the problem but even if they weren’t I think I would have had a hard time figuring out where to stick that in the schedule, but I will find a way.

Final Thoughts:

Its only been a week so its too early to celebrate. It takes around 8 weeks to truly form a habit… but so far I am pumped about the changes I can see both physically, mentally, and externally. I find myself getting more minor things done (chores around the house etc…). There is no downside to leading a disciplined lifestyle and the benefits are tremendous.

I hope this motivates you in some small way. Let me know if you like stuff like this or not, and if you have any questions.