Don’t Make It Bad

Don't Make It Bad

Good Evening,

I love Las Vegas. I go there on vacation whenever I can.

Last year I made a point of catching The Beatles Love Cirque du Soliel show as I am a big Beatles fan.

(Its fantastic by the way, check it out when you can)

The best part comes towards the end when they play Hey Jude. That songs fascinates me.

The Beatles are the most successful band of all time, and Hey Jude was their biggest hit…

…and 75% of the lyrics are “Na na na na nuh na”. Its really that simple… but it was a hit of historic proportions. The Beatles (along with Phil Spector and some of the others behind them) always knew how to compose hit music and this song in particular displays that. It made me think about businesses too and how simplicity so often leads to success. Think about some of the most successful businesses and products.

Don't Make It Bad

Amazon lets you order nearly anything in the matter of less than 5 clicks. The iPhone gives you access to the entirety of human knowledge at the touch of your finger. McDonalds has managed to make cheeseburgers and other food a simple process.

and on and on.

Thing is though, I see so many amateur business people twist themselves in knots making things harder than they have to. Buying unnecessary tools, constructing these elaborate systems, worrying about all these extremely unlikely scenarios going around in circles never getting anything done and this failing and giving up, or not making the progress they are capable of.

Don’t be that person. You only need 3 things in a business.

A product or service

A traffic source

And a way to sell stuff.

That’s it.

I want each of you to reflect on your business, see if you can identify each of those 3 things.

If no, let’s work on it and fix it.

If yes, then look at the other things in your business… and start getting rid of them.

Simplify, then focus on the things that matter.

Then succeed and Profiit.