My New Routine

Good Evening,

So unfortunately the United States is going to have to socially distance itself (among other things) for another month. So I will be leaving Profiit Academy Daily open to any and all until at least then. This of course has also forced many people to adjust their life and routine, myself included.

I talked about my routine in a previous dispatch back in November.

While much of that has remained unchanged thanks to the glory of the internet I have had to adapt some due to everything being closed, working from home and so on. So I thought I could share how I have adapted and maybe we could compare notes.

This is pretty much a standard day right now:

  • 12am-2am (not the whole time just somewhere in there) respond to anything the developers/SEO team need form me
  • Go back to sleep
  • 7am Get up Shower/Shave/Get dressed etc…
  • 8am check to see if anything has exploded over night and needs my immediate attention
  • 9am Make sure Legiit payments went out successfully
  • 10am check previous days numbers… sales, ads etc…
  • 11am Legiit Monday posts/post in Legiit group
  • 12pm Lunch
  • 1pm-3pm work on whatever I am working on… fulfillment, marketing etc…
  • 3pm Meet with Jim
  • 4pm Respond to Legiit messages and any other messages or emails.
  • 5pm – 6:00pm work on low level tasks that don’t require high level thinking
  • Consulting Call
  • 6:30 – 8pm go for a walk around my neighborhood… this is the only really exercise I can get right now and is the only way to really get out of the house. I have come to look forward to it.
    8pm light dinner
  • 8:30pm look over the days support tickets and other things the team did throughout the day to make sure everything is on point.
  • 9pm make sure Legiit payments went out without issue
  • 9pm – 10pm watch Netflix or something brainless until I fall asleep.

On top of that I have actually been listening to a couple of novels for audio books which is a change of pace. I need something that I enjoy to keep my dopamine levels up and stay positive. Intermixed with all of that are various short interactions with friends, family, and others to make sure everyone in my circle is doing well also. One positive about working form home is that I can sleep a little bit later… one negative is there is a lot more temptation to goof off.

So as you can see its not a massive change, but it is a change that I am adapting to as best as I can. Has your routine changed? If so how?

Would love to hear what and HOW everyone is doing.