Why Mr. Spock Would Be Great At Business

Good Evening,

Legiit is my core business. I love 95% of it and it consumes my thoughts day and night in a way that nothing else ever has, in a good way. That said it is a very unique business model in that I don’t actually sell anything and only have minimal control over what is sold. This puts me in the unique position of having a business where there are products that I may not believe in…

…but here is the thing, and this may be a shock, but… I don’t know everything and am often wrong.

So I have to take my own ego and emotions out of it, and let people make their own choices on what to buy and not buy. Now before we go into the bigger point I am going to make here I want to be clear; there are things I have disallowed by choice such as group buy software because I just don’t think it is appropriate.

There are also things I have had to disallow due to payment processor requests, even though I personally have no issue with them such as cannabis, CBD, and adult, or because of international laws such as services that violate GDPR. But that’s not what I am talking about here.

I am talking about things that I don’t think will work or are a good investment… but other people do.

For example there are a lot of services designed for rank & rent sites… and I think Rank & Rent is a terrible business model for SEO. You have to spend a lot of time and money building and ranking a site before you ever make a dime, there is no guaranteed interest in it even when you do get it to rank, it requires you to make fake Google businesses which I hate and have harmed the industry as a whole, it is hard to sell because its a weird concept that not a lot of joe average business owners will understand and a few other things.

But guess what… that’s just my opinion. Other people love it, and do well with it. They sell a lot of services on Legiit and elsewhere for it. So I have to keep my feelings out of it and let capitalism take its course, because I am not all knowing and my opinion doesn’t matter… all that matters is what works and what people are willing to pay for. This applies to most business models. You have to take the emotion out of it and let the numbers make the decisions for you if you want to find Profiit and success.

Don’t get attached to a landing page that you think is beautiful but doesn’t convert.

Don’t get attached to a product that no one wants no matter how good it actually is, or at the very least don’t get attached to the marketing of it.

(Both of these apply to this service which I think the marketing and sales page for are awesome, and the service kills… but it just does not sell)

Don’t look at today’s numbers and make an irrational decision that doesn’t fit the trend of the long term numbers. Don’t let one failed adset convince you that “Facebook ads don’t work” Don’t let your opinion of a particular tactic, service, or business model keep you from doing something that will help your business. Let the numbers, testing, experience, and most importantly, logic guide you. This is one of the biggest traps you can fall into, but if you can get out of this habit you will be able to scale to levels you never imagined.

Talk Soon,